By Spotmycourt Team, 6th March 2019

Being new to this startup world, we SPOTMYCOURT, were seeking for a perfect SMS partner to communicate with our clients. SMS is said to be the backbone of communication and no other medium can replace the medium's reliability and instant delivery speed. Bulk SMS servers as platform that allows startups to reach their customers with all the relavant information. Inorder to find out the perfect messaging vendor as always we went around asking our startup friends to recommend some of the SMS partner that they have worked with. Finally we came up with a messaging solution that is what 'MSG91'.

SPOTMYCOURT,it is an online sports/fitness venue booking app.Sometimes it becomes difficult to book turf playground because of timing issues or the slot getting booked. This can be completely solved through our app in an efficient and easy way. Just search SPOTMYCOURT, download the app and check the turfs in your location. You will soon have a proper list of sports/fitness venue around you based on your location and allows you to book a slot and play.

It is MSG91 that made our job super easy. It is one of the best bulk SMS service provider across the world.MSG91 provides bulk SMS,transaction SMS, API, regional SMS,OTP etc for other startups.We use MSG91 services to communicate with our clients via their API and SMS delivery system. Integrating APIs were quick and simple in/with MSG91. MSG91 provides about 25,000 credit SMS per month absolutely free of cost for startups as we sign up with them. To know more about the startup plans of MSG91 please click here.

In short, MSG91 is one of the highly recommended SMS vendor, across the world. They provide a simple and totally inexpensive marketing approach to make the interaction with customer more efficient through messaging. It is easily integrated with 100% message delivery. The support team at MSG91 is amazing. We have been using MSG91 around a month now and from our experience, we can easily conclude that MSG91 is one of the amazing messaging partner. We strongly recommend MSG91 for all upcoming startups.